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On a normal day, Urban Body Studio, owned and operated by Cindy Charles and Drea Wheeler and located in downtown Montreal, offers classes to help shape up Montreal citizens and promote healthy living. On the 18th of July, the studio instead opened its doors to guests of ArtMtl’s event “Painting for Life”. Artistic work that was submitted was asked to have a story attached to it so that guests would be able to read and understand the true meaning behind the pieces they were viewing. The idea behind the event was the notion that art is an artist’s personal experience with their pieces. Every stroke is a movement of their own accord, driven by intent or emotion.

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The final piece can sometimes elicit that initial thought or feeling and an explanation of it may help onlookers in their understanding and appreciation of the piece. The event itself began at 4:00pm and guests were gathered for an opening speech by the studio’s owner Cindy Charles. Hamza Mejri, founder and organizer of ArtMtl, introduced the event and personally welcomed artists and guests alike. Refreshments and food were offered in the center of the studio so that those in attendance could appreciate the art at their leisure.

Those who had helped to set up the event, which included the ArtMtl team, stayed to speak with the attendees to help with any questions anyone might have had, as well as to gain a better understanding of each piece of art by speaking with the artists. Artists such as Samiha Imene Ferjani and Amelie Sutter joined the ArtMtl organizers at the event to promote their artwork, as well as to talk with those in attendance about their work.

Ferjani’s work depicts her sense of identity with the stories from her homeland of Tunisia. Characters that were once vivid images in the imagination are brought to life on canvas. One can feel the tragic love and loss that they experienced as it is created through the blended portraits and deep colors used to form the busts of figures from the stories.


In contrast to Ferjani, Sutter uses a canvas to bring to life a blossoming flower, whose movement and life can be seen unraveling across the painting as the flower springs into being. Instead of having a story behind her work, Sutter uses a feeling she has when she starts to paint. Sutter’s work exemplifies what can be found all around the gallery – the idea that emotion can bring images to life. The event itself was a great success and artists were able to feel proud and accomplished because of the high regard expressed for their paintings by guests and the ArtMtl team.

Altogether, around two-hundred people attended and it is hoped that this number will increase in events to come. Meanwhile, ArtMtl will continue to be an advocate for the promotion of local artwork and talent. The company is currently busy organizing its next big event, a fashion show that will showcase local designers of different backgrounds and cultures for a truly unique viewing and designing experience. The fashion show will be hosted on the 18th of July at Place-Ville-Marie.

Artists of this event:

– Chantal Viger

– Maya Sunn

– Amélie Sutter

– Estelle St-Pierre

– Manon Miserany

– Samiha Imene Ferjani

– Nathalie Provencher

– Louise Fisher Sanscartier

– Adnen Jaoua

– Alexandre-Éric Piette

– Gabrielle Bolvari-Bergeron

– Diane Ross

– Imola Matei

– Damien Francoeur

– David Denyse

– Catherine Kanonas


– Adnen Jaoua

– Gabrielle Bolvari

– Hamza Mejri

– Michelle Bauer

– Rim Weddey

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We hope to see you there!

Article by Michelle Bauer, ArtMtl Media & Event Organizer.

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